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Tastings Of Charlottesville
Tastings is a full service Wine Shop, Wine Bar, and Fine Dining Restaurant in Charlottesville Virginia.
Fax 434-293-9332

GeneX Virginia: Gene Expression Database and Analysis
GeneX Va is a secure, open source database and analysis package used to archive and analyze expression data from gene chip experiments.
(434) 924-2456
(434) 982-1033

Oak View Farm Horse Shows - Boarding - Training - Lessons
This is the third year of horse shows at Oak View Farms. Ten highly skilled and respected judges have agreed to preside. We have two large rings with excellent footing, ample parking, and great food.
(540) 832-2300

VeeCee Flyer Delivery Service
If you are looking to advertise your special event or business to a
whole new group of customers you have come to the right place!
We will deliver your business flyers, announcements, or
advertisements to all 3600 homes in the Lake Monticello
community of Fluvanna County.
Your business/event does not have to be located in Fluvanna
County. Many lake residents work, shop and attend social events
in Charlottesville, Albemarle county, Greene county, Louisa
county, Nelson county and beyond.
(434) 591-0413
(434) 589-4508 Web Hosting, Writing Services
Information about web promotion, web hosting, web site creation, and writing services. Also a large section of Volkswagen and Honda repairs and upgrades.

SV Gallery - Stereo View Gallery
Boris Starosta's SV Gallery offers stereoscopic portraits as anaglyph prints, StereoJet prints, vintage Holmes-style stereocards, and R-format and 2x2x2 stereo slides. Also available are original polaroids (up to 8x10), as well as original stereoscopic medium format (6x6cm) and 135 format (35mm) transparencies.

InfoGizmo Web Marketing
Get on the web, get a better search engine ranking.

DeFindIt Open Source Software
DeFindIt is a repository of novel open source software. Our defining product is Deft, the declarative data analysis programming environment with data independence and templates.

Tom's BMW R850R Photos, Repairs, Review
This site has photos of the BMW R850R, as well as extensive commentary (review) of features, ergonomics, and issues. There is also a brief picture essay of a muffler repair due to a rusted out baffle.

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